PROBUILD: Lanzarote Aluminium Windows & Doors


Our aluminium windows are manufactured by us in our workshop, built to any design or measurement required. The most common windows in Lanzarote are casement windows and sliding windows.

  • Casement Windows: These are versatile and can open like a door (side-hung), or tilt inwards from the bottom for ventilation (tilt and turn). They suit most properties and offer various configurations, most windows on Lanzarote open inwards, into the room,  this allows for the addition of louvered shutters to be fixed on the outside of the window frame.
  • Sliding Windows: Similar to mini patio doors, they slide horizontally, fitted with click-shut locks which are flush with the frame, or handles and key locks.
  • Glass: The glass we usually install is double-glazed 4mm gray UV protected on the outside which reflects the sun, and a 4mm clear glass on the inside. This creates a great barrier against the heat of the day and cold nights.

Double Glazing: A Releif for Hot Climates

Superior Insulation: Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass, creating an insulating layer that reduces heat transfer. This means interiors stay cooler for longer periods, even when outdoor temperatures are at their peak.

Reduced Energy Bills:  With the enhanced insulation provided by double glazing, air conditioning systems don’t have to work as hard to keep the indoor climate cool. This leads to lower energy consumption and, consequently, reduced utility bills.

Minimized Solar Heat Gain: The special coatings on double-glazed windows can reflect solar radiation, preventing excessive heat from entering the building. This helps maintain a stable indoor temperature without over-reliance on air conditioning systems.

Noise Reduction: Double glazing keeps the heat out and reduces noise pollution. The dual layers of glass and the vacuum-sealed gap serve as an effective barrier to external sounds, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful environment inside.

UV Protection: The coatings on double-glazed windows can also block harmful UV rays, protecting interior furnishings from fading and degradation due to prolonged sun exposure.

Enhanced Security: Double-glazed windows and doors are tougher to break than their single-glazed counterparts, providing an added layer of security to homes and buildings.

Conclusion: The adoption of double-glazed windows and doors in hot climates is not just a trend but a practical investment in long-term comfort and sustainability. By embracing this technology, homeowners and builders can enjoy a cooler, quieter, and more secure living space.