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Lanzarote Aluminium: The Excellence of Cortizo.

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Cortizo Lanzarote

In the realm of window and door for Lanzarote aluminium solutions, Cortizo stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. Particularly in Lanzarote, Cortizo has established itself as one of the best suppliers, catering to the unique architectural and industrial demands of the Canary Islands.

A Testament to Quality

Cortizo’s aluminium profiles, a popular choice for Lanzarote, are a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-value solutions across sectors. These profiles find their application in various elements, including windows, doors, facades, solar protection, handrails, and composite panels.

PVC Solutions: Beyond Lanzarote Aluminium

Beyond aluminium, Cortizo also excels in providing PVC solutions. Their range of PVC products caters to specific needs, from windows and doors to other architectural elements.

Exclusive Systems: The Cortizo Lanzarote Edge

Cortizo Lanzarote offers exclusive systems that include innovative products like MILLENNIUM PLUS PIVOT, COR VISION PLUS, ARCH INVISIBLE, and BI-FOLD CORTIZO. These products, designed with a minimalist aesthetic and superior functionality, are a testament to Cortizo’s commitment to excellence.

Sustainability and Quality: Lanzarote Aluminium the Cortizo Promise

Cortizo’s commitment to sustainability is evident in all their activities and products. Their production processes are carried out with minimal environmental impact, making them a leading choice for sustainable aluminium and PVC solutions in Lanzarote. Villa windows with grill: These windows have a twin sash, a bug mesh, and a grill integrated into their design. The grill adds an extra layer of security and prevents unwanted intrusions. The bug mesh keeps out mosquitoes and other pests. The twin sash allows for easy cleaning and ventilation. These windows are made of uPVC, which is a durable and low-maintenance material.
Villa windows with bay or bow: These windows have a curved or angular shape that extends outward from the wall. They create a spacious and elegant look for the villa. They also allow more natural light and panoramic views. These windows can be customized with different styles, colours, and materials.


Cortizo is known for being the leading manufacturer and distributor of aluminium systems for the architecture and industry sectors in Spain, whether you’re an architect, fabricator, homeowner, or part of the industrial sector, Cortizo Lanzarote has the right product to meet your needs. When you think of ProBuild Lanzarote aluminium, think of Cortizo.